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Marvin Banks Jr.


Marvin Banks is a full time husband and father.  Part-time slanger of opinions and things that make other things go forward. He is a mortal enemy to the N word and anything else that diminishes the value of being black. He’s a moderate sports enthusiast, an avid Kansas City Chiefs and Kevin Garnett fan.  Intelligence splashed with a dash of ignorance is what can you expect from Marv.

Twitter: @MarvB1906



Shomari Benton


  •  Real Estate and Development attorney
  •  Community Engager
  • Runner
  • Now, a blog writer
  • Bullet points are so much better
  • The End.


Rick Hoskins


This is Rick Hoskins bio. He was born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, receiving instant street credibility, but traded it all in to be a finance nerd upon receiving his B.S. in Personal Financial Planning from the University of Missouri.  As a fan of over priced housing he moved to Washington DC where he opened his own office with Edward Jones Investments, where he currently serves his community as a financial Advisor. In 2016 Rick was nominated for Forbes 30 Under 30 as a result of his work with everyday families and individuals, helping them plan, implement, and monitor their financial goals.

If Rick could describe his favorite part of his practice, it would be the face his Republican clients make, when he informs them that the Affordable Care Act plan that they are under, is the same thing as Obamacare.  Rick is a fan of speaking in third person.

Facebook: Rick Hoskins

Instagram: _RickHoskins_




Tiffany Lester


Dr. Tiffany Lester is a functional medicine doctor who believes that simple, small shifts can add up to enormous, positive changes in your health. She is passionate about healing chronic disease through whole foods, one delicious meal at a time. As creator of The Unconscious Workout, she is a collector of cozy blankets and fuzzy slippers. Follow her minimalist approach to medicine.

Twitter: @drtiffanylester


Tiffany Ritchie.jpg

Tiffany Ritchie


As a devout but non practicing feminist, a conforming contrarian, a carnivorous animal rights activist, and a pessimistic optimist, Tiffany Ritche has been called the ultimate paradox. When she's not mom-ing, she's lawyering. And when she's not doing either of those, you'll probably find her sipping a homemade old fashioned (extra bitter, please), reading a book, planning her next international adventure, scouting Yelp for an amazing Korean restaurant or discussing some issues of the day with a random stranger. 




Ben Sanders, III


A native of Evanston, Illinois, when Ben isn't bemoaning Derrick Rose being traded to the Knicks, he serves as Assistant Professor of Theology and Ethics at Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis. His research is rooted in Black Liberation Theology (think Jeremiah Wright and "Goddamn America!") but he's more broadly interested in how and why people use appeals to faith - especially appeals rooted in Christianity - to do and say dumb, evil shit.




Taj Senghor


Taj Senghor, works in Organizational Development at a health company in St. Louis.  Previously resided in Washington, DC where he worked for an educational lobby in program strategy and development.  Taj obtained his master’s degree from George Mason University’s School of Public Policy and is a Cum Laude graduate of Morehouse College. He also attended the University of Oxford, Mansfield Campus, (UK) where he studied European Economic Policy. He comes to the staff as a pragmatic thinker who writes with a zeal for stirring controversy.  Taj enjoys golf, fitness, writing and being a mentor.  



Dame Smith

Contributing Editor

Dame Smith is a writer and media relations professional. If he followed his heart, it’d lead him to tacos. The key to his happiness is in Kerry Washington’s bathwater. His words will be his tattoos.

Twitter: @damesmith

Facebook: Damon Smith


Dionne Marnee

Dionne Marnée


Dionne Marnée is an avid reader and marketing professional currently residing in the grey area. Rarely without a red lip and a high heel, you'll find her ducking natural hair convos, chasing adventure and daydreaming about her next meal, usually in the middle of one.

Twitter/Instagram: @dionnemarnee

Facebook: @Dionnemsmith




Matt Whitener


Matt Whitener is a sports lifer and analyst. Above all things, a rationalist. There is nothing in life that you love longer or puts you through more highs & lows than your teams. I make sense of why that journey is what it is.

Twitter: @CheapSeatFan

Facebook: Matt Whitener



Brandon L. Williams

Contributing Editor

Brandon Williams is the “King of Spades” (self-proclaimed).  When not winning in spades, he is... still playing spades.  Occasionally los-ing.  Rarely.  In the meantime, he is a lawyer (always), attorney (sometimes) and consultant (more often than not). 

He rolls like this:  Nas over Jay (It Was Written); Mobb over Tribe (I know, blasphemy); Arsenal over Chelsea (and every other team); Niners, Niners, Niners; Godfather II over I (barely); FDR over JFK (Pimpin’ with polio); Science over be-lief; Belief over nothing; Us over them (permanently).

You can email him at


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